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A Community of Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac Users

 Washington Apple Pi :


Washington Apple Pi is a community of people with a common aim: to improve their knowledge and enjoyment of Macintosh computers. We approach this through social interaction, sharing, fun, cooperative activities, mentoring and education.

Organized as a non-profit social club (Section 501(c)(7)), Washington Apple Pi is run by volunteers for the benefit of its membership. Together they produce a magazine, host online forums and services, and gather in regular and ad-hoc groups to exchange information, experiences and instruction.

Washington Apple Pi has been around since the dawn of the personal computer age, far longer than most personal computer organizations, and virtually all computer companies. There is much to know about Washington Apple Pi, much to do, and much that needs to be done. Please select a topic of interest:

* About Washington Apple Pi (informative brochure)
* About Washington Apple Pi (multimedia edition)
* About the Pi Explorer Service (the Pi's Internet access service)
* About the Pi TCS (Telecommunications System, the Pi computer bulletin board)
* About the Pi TCS (graphic)
* Application for Membership
* Pi On-Line Store
* Pi Leadership and Management (Contact Points)
* Pi Frequently Asked Questions
* Writer's Guidelines for Journal
* Map to the Pi Office
* Map to the General Meeting
* Donations

* Washington Apple Pi By-Laws (Acrobat Format)