Washington Apple Pi

A Community of Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac Users

Washington Apple Pi

The Region's Premiere Users' Group

Offers You:

* Fun With Folks Who Use The Same Computers You Use

* Monthly Meetings
* Special Interest Groups
* Tutorials

* Technical Help Line
* Tuesday Night Clinic
* Mac Recycling Program

* Lively Online Communications
* Email and Explorer Internet ISP Service
* Award-Winning Magazine

* Computer Show and Sale
* CafePress Online Store
* CDs, other WAP goodies and Member Discounts
* 500 Disk Classic Public Domain Library

* Volunteer Opportunities!

Shen Washington Apple Pi was founded back in 1978, little did we know that some 25 years later, we would be one of the largest and oldest Macintosh computer user groups around. We started as a small group of Apple enthusiasts who just wanted to learn their new computers inside and out. Today, we try to maintain that "small club" focus while serving a much larger group of folks whose interests range from learning the basics to iMovie, Unix, iTunes and Photoshop. We are users just like you - whose goal is to help make your Mac as productive as it can be without losing sight of how much fun it is to be a Mac owner. Here's what we offer:


Washington Apple Pi may be a computer club, but we are also a group of people who enjoy each other and the work we do. We have fun! If you'd come to our 25th Anniversary party , taken a MacWorld Bus Trip, helped out at NBC's Digital Edge Expo or our own Computer Show and Sale you would know what we're talking about. Our members work hard, learn lots of new things, contribute in many ways. But there's always time to take a step back, enjoy each other's company and look forward to many future good times.

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We conduct tutorials for Macintosh users which cover a wide range of topics. From novice to power user, we have a tutorial for you at a reasonable members-only price. The tutorials are practical, non intimidating and hands-on. We won't let you fail. We can teach you how to use a mouse or make an iMovie, build an Excel spreadsheet or a holiday gift on your Mac. And best of all, you don't even have to bring your computer to our office. We have a tutorial room full of Macs capable of running Mac OS 9 or X just waiting for you.

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Monthly Meetings

Our general meeting, usually held on the fourth Saturday morning each month, is an opportunity to hear discussions on new products by some of industry's most knowledgeable representatives, see demonstrations of the latest hardware and software on the market, learn more about the Pi and everything it has to offer, as well as get answers to any questions you have about your computer. From novice user to developer, there's something for every computer user.

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Computer Show and Sale

Our December Computer Show and Sale is one of our most popular events. We bring commercial vendors and individual sellers together to offer great deals on a wide range of hardware and software with a Mac flavor. We also offer a clinic to make sure the hardware you want to buy works, install memory and more - all for a donation. Great prices, wonderful raffle prizes and Pi goodies all make for a fantastic time for all.

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Special Interest Groups

Like to dig deeper into a particular specialization? WAP has many Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covering a wide range of subjects from iMovie to power users. One of our most active SIGs is the Retired SIG for "youngsters" of any age who want to have fun and learn a little about email and other basic computing tasks. Teen users have their own group too! Check the WAP Journal for more information, schedules and contacts.

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The Hotline

When unexpected problems arise and you need Mac or even classic Apple help fast, one of our many Hotline volunteers may be able to help you. The listing is now online, part of our TCS - which you can access by dial-up or on the web 24 hours a day. There's a long list of experts available who know Mac hardware and software inside and out. And best of all, the service is free only to WAP members.

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Washington Apple Pi Journal

The Washington Apple Pi Journal is one of the nation's finest user group publications around. Many of our articles are written by members. Every other month, the Journal includes "how-to" articles, question and answer columns, and candid reviews. There's a calendar of upcoming meetings and tutorials, the Hotline Volunteers list, even reports from our president and many special interest groups to keep you up-to-date about Pi happenings. An online journal with some of our past articles is also available.

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WAP TCS (TeleCommunications System)

We maintain an electronic bulletin board ("telecommunications") system, the TCS, exclusively for our members.

The TCS has undergone quite a few changes over the years. From its start as a text-based BBS, it has grown over 20 years into a true telecommunications service that offers four different conferences covering computing and many other topics. You can now access the TCS from any computer in the world to keep up with Pi discussions ranging from Mac issues to hobbies, local events, science and social commentary. There's also gigabytes of downloadable sofware too. And we haven't forgotten all you classic users of older Mac or Apple systems.

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Email and Explorer Internet Service
with Member Web Pages

We give every new member his or her own email address. You can purchase more addresses inexpensively. The email and password get you into the TCS (Web or dial-in) as well as access to our WebMail service so that you can access your email anywhere you are in the world. If you would like an inexpensive way to access the Internet, we offer our dial-up Explorer service. It's so inexpensive, many members buy it as a backup to their regular DSL or Cable Internet service. Best of all, when you subscribe as a new Explorer, you get space on our servers for your own web pages.

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The Tuesday Night Clinic

On of our most popular offerings, the Tuesday Night Clinic brings out Pi volunteers for one simple purpose - to provide non-warranty computer help to those who need it. You don't have to be a member to take advantage of this service. But we ask everyone for a donation based on the time we spend working on your machine. We can do software and hardware repairs, install drives and memory or answer questions. Many folks like to come in and just watch to gain insight into what makes a Mac tick. Some stick around to become volunteers!

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The Recycling Program

Our program to recycle old Macintoshes back into the community is one of our most successful. We have supplied computers to daycare centers, local school districts, even nuns half-way round the world. Macintosh computers have many lives to offer if taken care of. We have the folks who know how to repair and prepare Macs, printers, scanners and other donated equipment for new lives helping those who might not otherwise have computers.

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CafePress Store

Our on-line store at Cafepress.com/wap is a great place to find Pi-specific gifts for yourself or a loved one.

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CDs and More

We also produce our own CDs for OS 9 and X users, member discounts and other goodies. Check www.store.wap.org/ for more information.

We also offer limited edition CDs for our monthly meetings. These CDs are generally more specific to the topics discussed at the meeting and are sold at a bargain price.

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ShareWare and Public Domain Offerings

WAP offers its members a huge collection of inexpensive publicly available software and system software updates for classic Apple and Macintosh machines. We know you can get a lot of software with web downloads or by CD. But few groups offer the kinds of historical software we do through our Disk Library. There are more than 500 disks of useful programs for the Apple II, ///, and Mac (pre OS X) at a nominal cost. Much of this software is not easily obtainable anywhere else. You can purchase these by mail, or at the WAP office. Please call the office or email to office@wap.org for more information. Apple and Mac PDS catalogs are available on disk.

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What More Can I Do?

WAP's reputation as one of the nation's finest computer user groups is based on the work of its many volunteers, some of whom are nationally known in the computer world. If you have an interest in community service, WAP offers many avenues of opportunity, from helping out at the office to answering Hotline calls or serving as an officer. WAP volunteers take pride in the fact that their efforts have helped thousands of computer users around the world. And they have fun doing it! Won't you join us?

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