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Washington Apple Pi BBS File Areas

File area structure of the TCS, the Washington Apple Pi computer bulletin board system.
(The TCS -- Telecommunications System -- is the Washington Apple Pi computer bulletin board system. The TCS can be reached at 301-984-4070)

The TCS offers over 3 gigabytes (and growing) of online storage for downloadable software and data. We couldn't possibly do the file list justice, but for the sake of example, here's the list of areas into which these thousands of files have been categorized. There's clearly something in here you need.


_______________________________ Areas Available _______________________________
  2>..TCS Help Files       22>..Mac Applications     42>..A2 Applications
  3>..Apple Sys Software   23>..Mac Utilities        43>..A2 Utilities
  4>..Journal Submissions  24>..Mac Extensions       44>..A2 Graphics
  5>..Pi Documents         25>..Mac Font             45>..A2 Games
  6>..Misc Documents       26>..Mac Sound            46>..A2 Education
  7>..GIF Graphics         27>..Mac Graphic Images   47>..A2 Product Support
  8>..JPEG Graphics        28>..Mac Graphic Utils    48>..A2 Documents
  9>..MOD Music            29>..Mac Telecomm         49>..A2 Programming
 10>..MIDI Music           30>..Mac Product Demos    50>..GS Applications
 11>..Newton               31>..Mac Product Support  51>..GS Utilities
 12>..PowerPC              32>..Mac Games            52>..GS Extensions
 13>..DOS/Windows/OS2      33>..Mac Education        53>..GS Fonts
 14>..Mini/Mainframes      34>..Mac Hypermedia       54>..GS Sounds
 15>..Apple III Programs   35>..Mac Multimedia/QT    55>..GS Images
 16>..Apple III Documents  36>..Mac Information      56>..GS Multimedia
 17>..Technical Documents  37>..Mac Programming      57>..GS Hypermedia
 18>..EXPLORER ESSENTIALS  38>..Mac Technical        58>..GS Games
 19>..                     39>..Mac Network Tools    59>..GS Miscellaneous
 20>..                     40>..Mac OpenDoc          60>..GS Shell Utils