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Washington Apple Pi Contacts

Quick Contacts

Vendor Presentations, Displays
Pat Fauquet, president@wap.org
Software and Hardware Review Material, Journal Material
Lawrence Charters, maceditor@wap.org
Corporate Communications, Sponsors, Donations
Pat Fauquet, president@wap.org
Lawrence Charters, webmaster@wap.org
Pi Office
office@wap.org. The office can also be reached by calling 301-984-0300.


* President
Pat Fauquet, president@wap.org, chief executive, chief diplomat
* Vice President, Programs
Vacant; contact president@wap.org.
* Vice President, Volunteer Services
Steve Roberson, vpvolunteers@wap.org, coordinator of volunteer services
* Vice President, Publicity
Dave Ottalini, vppublicity@wap.org, world-renown authority on the Apple ///, publicity coordinator.
* Vice President, Membership
Lila Bednar, vpmembership@wap.org.
* Secretary
Craig Contardi, secretary@wap.org, contact point for official correspondence.
* Treasurer
Richard Sanderson, treasurer@wap.org, contact point for donations, grants, small and large piles of gold.


* John Barnes, john.barnes@wap.org

* Herbert Block, herbertb@capaccess.org

* Gene Haddon, gbhaddon@mac.com

* David Harris, david.harris@wap.org

* Jim Little, dukeow@aol.com

* Nancy Little, nancylittle@mac.com.

* Grant Peacock, grantpeacock@mac.com

* Jim Ritz, jim.ritz@wap.org

Department Chairs

Telecommunications Officer
Lou Dunham, lou.dunham@wap.org, manager and system operator for telecommunications services.
Washington Apple Pi Journal
Lawrence Charters, maceditor@wap.org, Macintosh Editor, Review Editor
Tutorial Coordinator
Pat Fauquet, tutorials@wap.org, coordinator of classes, tutorial, tutorial room utilization.
Store Representatives
Nancy Little, nancylittle@mac.com
Tuesday Night Clinic
Jim Ritz, jim.ritz@wap.org
Computer Recycling
Garage Sale Coordinator
Special Interest Group/Slice Coordinator
John Barnes, john.barnes@wap.org
Hotline Volunteers
Jim Ritz, jim.ritz@wap.org, coordinator of Pi Hotline volunteers.
MacWorld Bus Trip Coordinator
Jim Ritz, jim.ritz@wap.org, coordinator of the Pi's July 2003 bus caravan to New York City.
Internet Services Coordinator
Dale Smith, dales@wap.org, Contact point on Pi Internet services.
List Mom
Paul Schlosser, pauls@wap.org, coordinator of the various Pi E-mail mailing lists.
Announcements, Publicity
David Harris, david.harris@wap.org, contact point for announcements, calendar
Pi Fillings CD-ROMs
Pat Fauquet, president@wap.org
Steve Roberson, vpvolunteers@wap.org
Pi Office
office@wap.org. You can also reach the office by calling 301-984-0300.

TCS Access

The TCS is the Washington Apple Pi bulletin board, a famed and unique collection of new and old technologies, dating back to the dim age of the dawn of microcomputing. Maybe even earlier.

* http://tcs.wap.org