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*N = "Recent" group newsletter publicly available in some format on its Web page. Some articles may be read online, or you may have to download a newsletter to read later.

User Groups by Country

Look here for groups serving a specific country or region.



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South Australia


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Here's my best guess at arranging Japanese groups by region. Spelling of Japanese names rendered to English may vary:
Chubu region


Kansai region

Kanto region


Shikoku region



Japanese Online, Other, or I Don't Know







New Caledonia

New Zealand





Puerto Rico



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User Groups by Country

Corporate & Government

Special Interest Groups

Other Lists

Internet-based Groups

  • Apple Insider MUG
  • Call A.P.P.L.E. *N -- Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
  • Creative Professionals MUG
  • goMUG -- Global Online Macintosh User Group is a project to revamp the MUG experience.
  • GUMX -- grupo de usarios Macintosh en diarioX.com
  • iMacChat An iMac for the purposes of iMacChat is a Macintosh with machine identity 406. This includes the the iBook, the Cube, and the G3 Blue and White.
  • IO/MUG -- Internet Only Macintosh User's Group, based in Arizona, USA. Membership is open worldwide.
  • Jessicat's MUG
  • LudoMac -- France
  • MacCommunity -- mailing list recognized by Apple as a user group
  • Mac 512 User Group -- supports all Macs from the original Macintosh to the early PowerPC based Macs (PowerBooks, Performas, Beige G3, B/W G3, original iMacs and original iBooks). The Mac 512 Web site's main focus is to provide detailed information on the classic Macintoshes.
  • Macintosh Evangelists At Nanyang mailing list -- a Yahoo Group
  • Mac User's Forum
  • Macintosh Users Group
  • Mac-L -- Internet discussion group about the Macintosh.
  • MacMentor MUG
  • Macpassion -- French online group
  • MacRogues -- online Mac OS X user group and discussion list.
  • macteensMUG
  • MUG for YWAMers -- a Yahoo Group
  • NetMUG -- InterNet Macintosh Users Group
  • Planeta Mac -- un Grupo de Usuarios Macintosh virtual.
  • Revelation Prime is a different way to communicate online, brought to you by The Revelation BBS, the oldest and biggest Macintosh BBS in British Columbia, Canada. Get information and connection software through this Web site.
  • TopSoft -- An Internet based Macintosh Programming User Group dedicated to developing quality free software. Since 1991.
  • Waterloo Region MUG (Ontario, Canada) -- a Yahoo Group

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User Groups by Country


Special Interest Groups

Other Lists

Corporate & Government

User groups serving Mac users mostly within a company or government installation. They may also serve a wider local community.

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User Groups by Country


Corporate & Government

Other Lists

Special Interest Groups

  • A2Central.com -- support for Apple II computers
  • A2-Web -- Mother of All Apple II Websites; links to all things Apple II.
  • Agape - Association Groupe Apple pour l'Education -- le developpement multimedia par et pour les eleves, la recherche pedagogique appliquee aux nouvelles technologies.
  • AppleCore -- Mac Advocacy site
  • Applefritter -- Apple I Owners Club
  • Apple Store User Group
  • Apple Student Developers
  • AppleWorks Users Group (AWUG) -- located in Plymouth, Michigan. Formerly ClarisWorks Users Group.
  • Architosh -- dedicated to architects and related-design professionals worldwide who have chosen the Apple Macintosh platform as their primary CADD, modeling, rendering, and business computer system.
  • Association des Utilisateurs de FileMaker Pro -- France
  • Association of Apple Computer User Groups
  • Association of Macintosh Trainers -- An international network of Macintosh computer trainers, educators, instructors and other Macintosh professionals.
  • Christian Macintosh Users Group (CMUG)
  • Convergence International -- the user group for non-Wintel platforms.
  • DIGFM -- organization of individuals who are interested in database creation and design, focused on FileMaker Pro for use on all computer platforms. See their list of other FileMaker user groups.
  • Digital Video Professionals Association
  • Digital Puppet *N -- Digital Puppet magazine shows how to create short motion pictures using digital actors on your Macintosh computer for distribution (someday) on DVD-Video disks in the wide-screen format with digital surround sound.
  • FileVille Web-based FileMaker Pro user group.
  • GFUN -- Groupement Francophone des Utilisateurs de Newton. Vous qui vivez en France métropolitaine, dans les Dom-Tom, en Guyane, sur une île Française des océans, au Québec, en Afrique francophone, que vous parliez couramment le français, ou que vous soyez un français expatrié, si vous souhaitez COMMUNIQUER à propos de votre NEWTON, venez nous rejoindre!
  • H-Mac -- History & Macintosh Society. H-MAC is the H-Net discussion list dealing with the uses of Macintosh computers in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Home Theater MUG
  • HUG-Mac -- Homeschool Users Group - Macintosh -- last updated 1997
  • iTeens MUG
  • International Macintosh Users Group (IMUG) -- users and designers of multilingual computer systems, located in Silicon Valley, California. If you want to use your computer in languages other than English, look here.
  • LatinMUG -- La Comunidad Mac Latina
  • Le Club Macami -- une Association Loi de 1901, dont le but était de promouvoir l'informatique médicale auprès des Confrères.
  • LLUG -- The Macintosh Law and Labor User Group, a national Macintosh user group for lawyers, labor unions, human resource professionals and others who use Macintosh computers.
  • Mac3DNY.org -- association of 3D artists in New York.
  • MacAttorney -- dedicated to attorneys and other legal professionals who use the Macintosh in their legal practice.
  • MacIS Belgium -- an independent non-profit organization of large and medium-sized enterprises which use Apple Macintosh computers as an essential part of their IT strategy, and therefore have a considerable number of Macintosh computers in service.
  • MacIS Nederland
  • Mac-LAN -- zum Thema Mac im LAN (lokal area network). Wir werden hier nicht das Netzwerk in BŸroumgebungen besprechen, sondern das Game-Netzwerk.
  • MacLaw -- an e-mail discussion group of lawyers, and other professionals in the legal community.
  • Mac-Mgrs -- a community of people who manage Macintoshes (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support.
  • macpocketpc -- Yahoo group for discussion and help for Apple Macintosh users (and Virtual PC users) who use PDAs based on the WindowsCE/Pocket PC OS.
  • MAMBA -- Macusers Against Media Bias.
  • Mid-Atlantic MUG Team -- a combined effort bringing Macintosh Users Groups in the Mid-Atlantic (U.S.) region together
  • MIT FileMaker User Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • MIT Macintosh Partners -- a group of MIT employees who help computer users in their department with Mac-related issues.
  • MUG Center -- a central clearinghouse for the many resources available for Macintosh User Groups.
  • Newton Users Group -- for medical uses of the Newton. Updated 1995.
  • PCtoMac.com for Switchers
  • Philadelphia Area AppleScript User's Group -- provides AppleScript developers in the Philadelphia area with an opportunity to meet with other developers in the area to share experiences and ideas about scripting.
  • Quicken User Group -- find what Quicken's user group program has to offer user groups.
  • Quicktiming.org -- online QuickTime forum
  • SF Cutters -- San Francisco Final Cut Pro user group
  • User Group Vendors -- See some vendors that have a user group program.
  • XAAPR UG -- Members include those who were former Apple Product Reps, Apple Product Specialists and/or Demo Day Reps nationwide.

Other User Group Lists on the Web

If you can't find the group you want on our list, or a link is broken, try some of these other lists. They may or may not be up to date, or accurate:

Many user groups do not have a Web presence. One way to find a user group near you, in the U.S., is to call Apple at 1-800-538-9696. For French groups visit Associations d'utilisateurs d'ordinateurs Apple en France. For Australian and other groups see MacCyberCentre's User Group List. Or try Apple Australia's list. Not to be outdone, look here for New Zealand groups. You can locate user groups (more than listed above) in Japan by region or name, using the Japan Apple User Group Locator. For groups in the UK and Ireland search here. Here's a list of German groups from Apple Germany.

Send corrections and additions to us so we can keep the list up to date.
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