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How To Disable the Caps Lock Key

  1. Make a copy of the System file (in your System Folder).
  2. Open the copy with ResEdit.
  3. Open the KCHR resource.
  4. Select one of the keyboard layouts (I used the U.S. System 6 layout).
  5. Choose Duplicate from the Edit menu.
  6. Highlight the duplicate and press Command-I.
  7. Name the new layout something like No Caps Lock.
  8. Open that layout by double-clicking.
  9. Press the Caps Lock key. You'll notice that the picture of the Caps Lock key onscreen darkens.
  10. Drag the lower case letters in the upper window to the appropriate spots on the picture of the keyboard (drag "a" to the "A" key).
  11. Close and save the window. Quit ResEdit.
  12. Name the altered system somthing like Altered System.
  13. Drag your real System out of the System Folder and replace it with Altered System (DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR OLD SYSTEM! You might need it again).
  14. Once Altered System is in the System Folder, rename it System.
  15. Restart your Mac.
  16. To get rid of Caps Lock, open the Keyboard control panel and select the No Caps Lock layout.
  17. Pushing Caps Lock will now seemingly have no effect.
Christopher Breen Help Folder/Tips guy MacUser Magazine

This answer came as a result of a series of E-mail messages from someone (we'll call that person "Lee") who got a radically different answer (from someone we'll call Derrick). For a look at this alternative method, see this striking photo.