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  Adobe Didn't Come
(so we gave it all away)

Adobe was scheduled to come to the April 1999 General Meeting and talk about InDesign, the program they are touting as a "Quark killer." (Nuclear physicists are somewhat concerned about this characterization.) At the last minute, Adobe sent every available body to a sales meeting in Texas, which isn't very close to Maryland, DC or Virginia, so the Pi put on its own Adobe presentation using the talents of Pi members Pat Fauquet and Mary Keene.

Oh, yes: we also gave away all the software Adobe shipped us for door prizes.

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Mary Keene and Pat Fauquet set up their demonstrations on the far side of the stage while Lawrence Charters runs the Question and Answer session. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Lawrence Charters finishes the Q & A while Vice President for Programs Don Essick laughs at a "Dark Side" comment. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Adobe didn't show for the meeting, but their door prizes did, so we gave them away. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Surprisingly alert for early on a Saturday morning, the crowd thinks up imponderable questions for the Q & A session. (Photo by Tom Witte)

Meanwhile, out in the lobby, the hordes descend on the Pi table to look at the piles of special offers, and purchase copies of Pi Fillings from Office Manager Beth Medlin (on right). (Photo by Tom Witte)

Five of the door prize winners display their loot. (Photo by Tom Witte)

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