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Macs, iPhones, iPods and Health

[F] Your Mac and Your Health, by Kathleen G. Charters and Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Fitbit for fit activities, by Lawrence I. Charters and Kathleen G. Charters

[F] Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, by Kathleen G. Charters and Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Smart phone alerts and the iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

Web Design and Education

[F] Case Study of a Flash Site, by Sheri German

[F] WebQuest Time Machine MTV!, by Sheri German (WebQuest Part I)

[F] WebQuest: Tips to help you create an original WebQuest, by Sheri German (WebQuest Part II)

[R] StyleMaster 3 Review/Tutorial, by Sheri German

[F] Calculating Pi: Redesigning the Washington Apple Pi Web Site, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] The Revolutionary Pi, by Sheri German

[F] Living in a Dream House, Or how to bring standards to your Web pages, by Sheri German

[F] Building a Web Site at Sea, by Lawrence I. Charters


[F] Connecting to a MySQL Database using PHP, by Sheri German

[F] Using the new Dreamweaver PHP Authentication Extension, by Sheri German

[F] Laying the Groundwork for Database Driven Web Sites, by Sheri German

[F] Creating Forms in Adobe GoLive, by Sheri German

[F] From Eunuchs to UNIX: How Popeye Gets His Spinach, by Sheri German

Computer Security

[F] Mac security in an age of cyber war and cyber crime, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Change your Apple ID password. Now. By Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Are Web browsers smarter than users? By Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Trojans Still Need a Horse, by Robert "Bo" Huttinger

[F] Anatomy of a Scam, by Bob Jarecke

[F] The End of .Mac, Trojans and Scams, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Encrypting Mac Laptops to Comply With Government Directives, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] There’s Something Phishy About E-mail, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] A Visit from Comcast: lessons in computer security, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Mac Security: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual

Part I: Physical Security, by Lawrence I. Charters

Part II: Mental Security, by Lawrence I. Charters

Part III: Spiritual Security, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Security: Microsoft Goes Postal. Er, Poster, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] There's Safety in Diversity, but Not in Microsoft, by Richard Rucker

[F] Recent Apple Security Enhancement, by Richard Rucker

[F] How to Crack Mac OS X Passwords, by James Kelly

[F] Security in Depth: or how to think about security, by James Kelly

[F] Protect Your PC: Helping Microsoft, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Blackout: What to do after the lights come back on, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Securing Your Mac, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How Strong a Password? by Lawrence I. Charters

QuickTime and iMovie

[F] The Making of TCS Trek - The Next Generation Video, by Tom Berens

[F] Where Motion Meets Pictures: Ken Burns Comes to iMovie, by Dennis Dimick

[F] Here Comes MPEG-4: QuickTime 6 in Preview, by Dennis Dimick

[F] Why QuickTime Pro? by Dennis Dimick

[F] First Peek at QuickTime 5, by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Electrifier and Tribeworks Arrive; QuickTime 4 and Final Cut Are Near, by Dennis Dimick

[F] QuickTime 3 and Tools: Premiere 5, Media Cleaner 3, ixTV, by Dennis Dimick

[F] QuickTime Rounds the Bend, by Dennis Dimick

[F] QuickTime 3.0: Apple's Enhanced Multimedia Tool Nears by Dennis R. Dimick

[F] Ballet Animation in Prep, by Stuart Bonwit

Software Reviews

[R] Windows on a Mac in 2013, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Implementing LastPass - no small endeavor, by Bob Whitesel

[R] TechTool Pro 6: Beyond Disk Utility, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] WriteRoom: A minimalist writing tool, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Uniformity: an iPhone app for the Navy, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Theodolite for the iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

Degrees of Separation: compasses go digital, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] PocketMac RingtoneStudio 2, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Comic Life Magiq: Life Beyond PowerPoint, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Rage Sitemap Automator, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Stox — Why Bother? by Dan Wages

[R] iPhone 2.0: It’s the App Store, Not the Phone, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Living the iLife: iLife ‘08, a review, by Hal Cauthen

[R] iChat Extreme, by Travis Good

[R] Comic Life, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Paparazzi!, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Mimic, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] Bwana: A Helper for Mac OS X Terminal, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] iMac Intel and Windows XP, by Derrick Garbell

[R] Windows on a Mac: A Parallel View, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] ColdFusion MX 7.01 for Mac OS X, by Steve Seaquist

[R] Shade 8, by Stuart Bonwit

[R] The Biggest Thing on the Web: Google Earth for Mac, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] BBEdit 8, by Sheri German

Book Reviews

[R] Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, by Richard Orlin

[R] slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, by Kathleen Charters

[R] Everything is Miscellaneous, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] iPhone: The Missing Manual, by Richard Orlin

[R] Professional Design Techniques with Adobe Creative Suite 3, by Nora Korc

[R] The Macintosh iLife '08, by Richard Orlin

[R] Rainbows End, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Adobe Photoshop CS2: One on One, by Gene Haddon

[R] Office 2004 for the Macintosh: The Missing Manual, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Digital Photography Pocket Guide, by Lawrece I. Charters

[R] Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, by Mike Mellor

[R] The Macintosh Bible, 9th Edition, by Mike Mellor

[R] Apple Training Series: iLife '04, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Mac OS X Disaster Relief, by John Barnes

Hardware Reviews

[R] ZAGGmate with keyboard: a review, by Kevin W. Parker

[R] iPad: Not a Netbook; It's Better, by Larry Biggs and Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Hitachi 1 Terabyte Deskstar Hard Drive, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] CrazyOnDigital Executive Leather Folio Case Cover for iPad, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] MiniSuit Black Leather Folio Case for iPad, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Magic Mouse: A Fine Gesture, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] Lightning and Lightening: From PowerBook to MacBook Air, by Joe Belotte

[R] DXG 506V Video Camera, by Hal Cauthen

[R] Storing Your Stuff: The Epson P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] How I Chose a Laptop When My School Decided to Exchange Me, by Lykara I. Charters

[R] Roku SoundBridge: iTunes Compatible Network Music Player, by Allen Kent

[R] Meet a Friend of Ours, the Lilipod, by Steve Roberson

[R] Monster iSpeaker Product Review, by John Barnes

[R] iBreeze by MacMice, by John Barnes

[R] Power Mac G5: Second Look, by Lawrence I. Charters

[R] iMac 20-inch: Better Than the Rest, by Lykara I. Charters

[R] Power Mac G5: First Look, by Lawrence I. Charters
[R] Sidebar: Aliens and Blooming Windows

How To

[F] Spit: slicing up very large files, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Moving Files to Your iPad, by By Jay Castillo

[F] Putting Video on Devices using HandBrake, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Snow Leopard Upgrade: Spectacularly Boring, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Disk Utility: Superhero, Savior, Prophet, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Leopard Tricks of the Trade, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Leopard’s Cover Flow Makes Cleaning and Organizing Your Hard Drive A Snap! Or, How I deleted a gigabyte of old files in a few hours, by Etana Finkler

[F] Using Font Book to find font problems, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] AppleScript for real people, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Still Using AOL? by Travis Good

[F] Time Machine Essentials, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How To Prevent E-Mail Overload, by Herbert Block

[F] This is Bad: Disk First Aid Alert, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 1, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 2, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 3, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 4, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 5, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 6, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 7, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Building a Check Register in REALbasic, Part 8, by Brent Malcolm

[F] Keeping Current in Mac OS System 9, by Lorin Evans

[F] Daylight Savings Time: Is Your Computer Ready? by Pat Fauquet

[F] El Tigre Viejo: New Life for an Old Power Mac G3, by Derrick Garbell

[F] The Many Uses of TextEdit, by John Barnes

[F] Safe and Sane Updating, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Keep Your Mac Healthy: Install Updates, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Email Fundamentals Revisited, by Al Lubarsky

[F] Choosing a Backup Strategy

[F] Learning to Love Your Mac, by John D. Barnes

[F] Create secure images with Disk Utiity and Mac OS X, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Using Bluetooth & a Motorola E815 for Internet Access, by Derrick Garbell

[F] Burn, Baby, Burn: A How To, by John Barnes

[F] Computer Diagnostics: A Protocol for Success, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How to Protect Your Images by Embedding Copyright Notices Inside JPEG Files, by James Kelly

[F] ProCamera 101: The Art of the Interview, by Grant Peacock

[F] Restoring Sight to a Blind iMac, by Lorin Evans

[F] Converting Audio Cassette Tapes to CDs, by Mark Davis

[F] The Apple II and /// CFAA Project: Now you can use CF cards and IDE drives on your Apple II family computer using one card!, by Richard Dreher

[F] They're Twisted for a Reason: One Man's Struggle with 802.3, by Craig K. Contardi

[F] Using PostgreSQL on the Mac, by Rick Rodman

[F] Upgrading My Pismo PowerBook: Benchmarking the Result, by Richard A. Rucker

[F] Introduction to Fink, by Mike Mellor

[F] Mac OS X Bootable CDs, by Dan White

[F] Upgrading a Power Mac G5, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] How to Roll Your Own Hard Drives, by John D. Barnes

[F] Why Can't I Send (Receive) my E-mail? by John D. Barnes

[F] Storing and Organizing Bookmarks in the Finder, by Jay Darmstadter

[F] Router Setup Suggestions, by Bill Kingsley

[F] Basic Webmail How-to, by David Harris and Nancy Seferian

[F] AppleWorks Tabs 1, 2, 3

[F] How I barely survived installation: HP All-In-One (AIO) LaserJet 3300mfp Series Multi-function Printers – My experience, by Lawrence Simon

[F] How to Partition the Drive of a New iMac, by Pat Fauquet

[F] How to Wire Your Home for Ethernet, by Rick Rodman

[F] Transferring Files from Your Old Mac, by Rick Rodman

[F] Setting up the Dock, by Pat Fauquet


[F] Cartoon: Bing Explained

[F] Cartoon: CD-ROM Retirement

[F] Cartoon: Time Travel, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: A Vast Conspiracy, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: They say nothing ever goes away on the Internet, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Mountain Lion - Who can resist a cute kitten? by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Computer Question - What did Word change?

[F] Cartoon: Computer Question - What's with Mapquest?

[F] Cartoon: Computer Question - Was learning cursive necessary?

[F] Cartoon: Computer Question - After Blu-Ray

[F] Cartoon: I figure by now Apple owes me a pony, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Read the label first! by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: Fiscal year planning, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Evolution, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: The Search for a Pi Office, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: On the road to Lion, the untold story, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Distracted driving, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Presidential Oversight, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: If Mac minis could talk, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: Computer Tool Identification 101, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Summer Sales and Million Dollar Mac minis, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: iPad Smackdown, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: iPad Envy I

[F] Cartoon: iPad Envy II

[F] Cartoon: You can't fool mother nature, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: The iPumpkin, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: Journal Workflow Chart, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Alien Abduction, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Board Meeting, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: Dock Bounce, by Bob Jarecke

[F] Cartoon: Pi Birthday Party, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Stealth Mountains, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Cartoon: Beyond PowerPoint, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Now I Own December, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Techno Lust, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] iPhones Everywhere, by John Barnes

[F] Macs in England, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Leopard Screen Saver Mosaic, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Useful Things To Do With Your iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] First Photo Taken by iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] 500 Million, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Mac OS X: It's All About Communication

[F] California Slice

[F] Only the Shadow Knows

[F] Journal Errata

[F] An Evening with Richard Stallman, by Richard Rucker

[F] Lord of the Rings

[F] Mac Love Stories, by Sheri German

[F] The Marvels of Cyberspace, by Joseph German

[F] Apple at FOSE

[F] Hell Froze Over

[F] Lights Out

[F] Good Fences Make -- What?

[F] Mac Trivia: Uptime Girl

[F] Cartoon: Keep Your Eye on the Prize, by Charles Stancil

[F] Cartoon: Top Ten Vehicles Owned by Computer Nerds, by Charles Stancil

[F] Cartoon: Bill and Bill, by Charles Stancil

General Features

[F] Blackout: SOPA, PIPA, and sabotage, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Lionspeak: Voice Synthesis in Mac OS X Lion 10.7, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Macintosh Aids for the Visually Challenged, by Dan Wages

[F] Think You Need a Laptop? No, You Need an iMac, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Exploding Computers Are Only Semi-Mythical, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Wickeder Fast, by Derrick Garbell

[F] Fingerprints: Why you care about the iPad, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Some Thoughts on Electronic Media and the Written Word, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Replacing Your Dial-Up Internet Service Provider, by Tom Carlson

[F] The story of the eJournal , by Nora Korc

[F] ArkivMusic: A Great Web Site for Music, By Dan Wages

[F] Preparing for The Switch to Digital TV Broadcasting, by Dick Rucker

[F] The Macness of Wii, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Pathways to Macintosh Learning, by Bob Jarecke

Keyboard or Mouse: You Decide, by Bob Jarecke [sidebar]

[F] The $18 million iMac: Why your old Mac is too expensive, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Mac OS X Has A Dictionary, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Beach Ball - Curse or Friend? by Herbert Block

[F] Running Leopard: My Experience with Time Machine and Scanning, by Brian Mason

[F] Macs in Moscow and Elsewhere!, by Bob Jarecke, Allen Kent, and Travis Good

[F] Harry Potter and the Order of the iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Fingerprints: Why You Care About the iPhone, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Apple Comes to Columbia, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] The Art of the Away Message, by Lykara I. Charters

[F] E-mail: Keep It Simple, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Montgomery Mall Gets an Apple Store, by John Barnes

[F] An iMac Named Chad, by Jon C. Thomason

[F] Broadband at Sea, by John Barnes

[F] The Computer Ate My Ballot, by John Barnes

[F] Apple Stockholders' Meeting, by Bob Whitesel

[F] Terascale Computing on a Pizza Budget, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Mac OS 8.1 to Mac OS X, by Stuart Bonwit

[F] A Mac Beginners Guide to Email Programs, by Al Lubarsky

[F] The Next Generation of Teachers, by Sheri German

[F] Interview with Aaron Adams, "Switcher," Part 1, by Craig K. Contardi
[F] Interview with Aaron Adams, "Switcher," Part 2, by Craig K. Contardi

[F] First Sips of Cocoa, by Dick Rucker

[F] Back from the Sand: A Mac in Iraq, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] Evaluating an iBook Under Field Conditions, by Steven Traux


[F] A Pilgrimage to "Mac-CA," by Craig K. Contardi

[F] Macworld CreativePro July 2003, by Sheri German

[F] Macworld CreativePro in Pictures

Washington Apple Pi and Community

[F] Survey: The Road to Mountain Lion

[F] Catching up on McDonald’s: TCS passes 100,000 messages, by Lawrence I. Charters

[F] General Meeting Summaries

[F] Mac Masters - A Short Review, by Bob Jarecke

[F] What's a Mac User Group Like You Doing in a Microsoft Office, by Len Adler

[F] Tuesday Night Clinic: At Your Service, by Dave Ottalini

[F] Easy as 1-2-3: The New Pi Store, by Bob Jarecke

[F] The Story Behind the Pi's New Web Store, by Dick Rucker

[F] Computer Archeology and Rewiring, Lawrence I. Charters

[F] TCS Guidelines

[F] wap.org E-mail Services, by Jon Thomason

[F] Configuring Services