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iPhones at Bethesda Row

The introduction of the iPhone 3G brought with it lines – lines of buyers waiting to get and activate the new, faster iPhone, such as these in a long line leading to the Bethesda Row Apple Store. (Photo by John Barnes)

iPhone lines at AT&T

While past Apple introductions have prompted crowds and long lines, the iPhone 3G prompted lines outside of AT&T stores, too, such as this line at Westfield Shoppingtown in North Bethesda. What was not expected: the lines continued throughout the next week, too. (Photo by John Barnes)

iPhones at Montgomery Mall

Apple tried hard to prepare for the iPhone 3G introduction. The Westfield Shoppingtown (Montgomery Mall) Apple Store featured an image of an iPhone on every laptop, and every store staffer and customer was playing with, looking at, talking about or buying or selling an iPhone 3G. (Photo by John Barnes)