Washington Apple Pi

A Community of Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac Users

Help from the Pi

OK gang, let's help helpers help here.

Accounts and Passwords

Every member of the Pi has an account with a password. These serve as your passport to Pi's wealth of members-only online resources.

To manage your account, visit connect.wap.org. There you can review your membership information and settings or reset a forgotten password.

E-Mail Settings

The Pi hosts e-mail services for members at mail.wap.org.

For best results, configure your preferred software to use these optimal e-mail settings.

Ask the TCS

Sometimes you need the experts. That's where the TCS comes in.

Here's a users guide (PDF) from 2009.

Go forth and jump in.

Web Hosting Details

Each account includes basic web hosting on the members.wap.org site, borrowing from e-mail storage.

At this time there is no interactive site building tool for novices; members upload prepared content via FTP.

See also: inscrutable and often misleading donated how-to shortcut attempts in print and screencast.

Clubhouse Saturdays

Bring your Mac or iOS device to the Pi's clubhouse and ask your questions at Clubhouse Saturdays.

Or stick around and help the next person! It's another great way to facilitate members helping members.


Formerly incubated as the Pi's Tuesday Night Clinic, the MacRecycleClinic has relaunched as an independent, tax-deductible entity.

Visit them Monday evenings in Silver Spring.