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June 23, 2018 General Meeting: Windows or Macintosh - a comparison

Washington Apple Pi will host Lorrin R. Garson for a look at the secular aspects of Windows and Macintosh computers, circa 2018, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Windows and macOS environments, what markets they target, and the tricky question of "cost." The meeting will be held at George Mason University (see link for map).

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Election results

The Washington Apple Pi Board of Directors has certified the 2018 election. The 2018-2019 Board:

  • Bruce Brown
  • Jay Castillo
  • Mary Dodd
  • Gabe Goldberg
  • Ken Goldman
  • Larry Kerschberg
  • Richard Orlin

New Apple security updates

Apple has a permanent security update page located at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201222

Recent updates of note include: an update to Safari for OS X 10.11 though 10.13, Security Update 2018-001 for macOS 10.13, and iOS 11.3.1 for iPhones and iPads.

While Apple has a strong reputation for robust security, users are strongly encouraged to install all security updates as soon as they become available, for every device they have that connects to the Internet. In addition to Macs and iOS devices, this includes Apple TVs, HomePods, Apple Watches -- if it connects to the Internet, update it.

Pi By-laws update

The January update to the Washington Apple Pi By-laws was approved at the January 2018 General Meeting, and is now posted. Additionally, we've posted a copy of the original Pi By-laws from 1979.

Public service announcement: 40 Years of Pi!

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