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October 24, 2020: Apple update from Apple representative

On Saturday, October 24, an Apple representative will grace the Pi and talk to us about great bunches of stuff, including things revealed at the September Special Event and the October Special Event.

Big Sur running on a MacBook Pro with nothing in the photo referring to Big Sur itself.

Big Sur on a MacBook Pro, except the map is of San Francisco. Where is the lovely coastline?

October 2020

We hope to have a briefing on Apple's new operating system releases (for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, Apple TV, Home Pod, HoverCar, etc.) and possibly new hardware (see previous parenthetical phrase) on October 24. Think Si.

Under New Management

Washington Apple Pi held their annual election in May, and is pleased to welcome Roy Wagner as the newly elected President. Yes, technically, we elect a Board and the Board elects the President, but we were going for a snappier presentation.

All in-person meetings canceled until further notice

With the current lockdown and efforts to flatten the exposure curve of the coronavirus, we have stopped all in person Pi meetings. Do not come to Cedar Lane, and do not come to George Mason University. Both of these are closed up tight.

For questions or feedback, email office@wap.org, or participate in the ApplePi interactive email - a reminder to go here to join:


A reminder that the Pi is:

Thanks for being members of the Pi!

Spring cleaning your Mac

We've posted capsule reviews of several programs designed to help you clean up clutter on your Macintosh.

Review of 2019

Video review of 2019


Meanwhile, a photo of a mug:

Washington Apple Pi mug, in ceramic.

Ceramic version of Washington Apple Pi mug. A MUG (Macintosh User Group) is not normally cast in ceramic, and normally avoids water due to unfortunate side effects involving liquids, electronics, and electricity, but this mug is hydrophilic. Click on image for a larger view.

Wanted: missing issues ⇐⇐⇐

The Pi has posted a massive library of Washington Apple Pi Journal issues from 1979 to 2016, with thousands of pages of information on everything from Apple II interrupts to adding ringtones to an iPhone. If you have any of these issues and wouldn't mind giving them to us so that we could scan and post them, please write to webmaster@wap.org.

2018 in Twenty Minutes

A video review of the 2018 General Meeting presentations in (slightly more than) 20 minutes.

Also, check out this terrifying video on electronic mail, with our Email Compendium, Volume 1. This contains lots of snippets from the General Meeting podcasts, focusing on the subject that brought the most fear and horror to the Q&A session moderators.

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