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February 24, 2018 General Meeting: Your digital security depends on you

Modern devices allow you to reach into your pocket and see and touch the world. This also means the world can see and touch you -- and your home, job, bank, friends and acquaintences. Gone are the days when you could leave computer security to the experts. Everyone has a role in protecting their own computer security. George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

March 31, 208 General Meeting: Technical trends in public libraries,

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, Bethesda, Maryland.

Notice of Proposed ByLaw Change

Pi Notice of Proposed ByLaw Change

At our January General Meeting, before an exciting session about curation of photos, we will ask the Pi membership to approve a small ByLaws amendment to improve our Pi operations.  This notice is posted in compliance with Article XV of the Bylaws (about publication of proposed Bylaw amendments).   

Our Bylaws have long provided for 15 Directors.  In recent years, we have had trouble filling these seats.  Most nonprofits like ours use a range of number of Directors in their bylaws to be able to more flexibly expand or contract the number to changed circumstances.  Accordingly, we propose to amend this bylaw provision as follows (where bold shows the area of change, brackets indicate omission and underline shows addition).

Article VII – Board of Directors

Section 1.  Powers

SECTION 2. COMPOSITION. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of 9-15 [15] Directors elected by the membership pursuant to Article IX hereof. An officer does not cease to be a Director if removed or replaced as an officer.

Avoid phishing attempts

Apple has published a technical note on how to avoid phishing attempts (fake email messages), fake virus and malware alerts, and other attempts to compromise your computer or mobile device, or your online resources.

These scams range from messages claiming to be from Apple, to phone calls claiming to have discovered problems on your computer, to text messages sent to your mobile devices. The Apple technical note has practical advice on how to protect your computer, mobile device, credentials, and online information.


Spectre and Meltdown

Please read Apple's technical note on speculative execution vulnerabilities in ARM-based and Intel CPUs used in Apple products.

These newly-discovered vulnerabilities have received a massive amount of attention, and pose problems for virtually every modern microcomputer-based device, desktop, mobile, or cloud-based, from almost every manufacturer. Apple's note explains the issue in plain language, and outlines their efforts to mitigate the problem.


Public service announcement: 40 Years of Pi!

A preview of the future. Click on the image for more information.

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