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Four and a half decades ago, Washington Apple Pi graduated from meeting around the kitchen table to hosting history-making meetings in public spaces, creating some of the first bulletin boards, websites, and other collaborative networks, publishing magazines and newsletters, maintaining software libraries (graduating from cassette tapes and computer printouts to floppy disks to CD-ROMs to Internet downloads), hosting tutorials and classes, and moving into virtual meetings as technology and societal demands kept moving.

If you'd like to be part of this continuing story, please join the Pi, or renew your existing membership.

TCS Discussion Forums

For decades, the TCS has been the Pi's round-the-clock get-together where the Pi's experts and soon-to-be experts hang out, educate, entertain and inspire each other between meetings.

Bring your questions, answers, discoveries and stories. Or just listen in and mine the wealth of past and present discussions.

Video Podcasts

Missed a meeting, or want a recap? Meeting videos are posted inside connect.wap.org along with their Q&A sessions, plus the occasional special topic or tutorial. Once a month we run a Video Workshop, working on podcasts from our meetings and learning how to edit video and sound. This is a workshop, so bring your Mac (or iPad) and iMovie (or Final Cut) and a willing spirit.


Over 35 years of Washington Apple Pi Journals are available, each one packed with tips, tricks, reviews and opinions. Download full-color (if they had color) PDFs of all back issues from 1979 to 2016. Coverage includes the Apple II, Apple III, Lisa, Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and lots of devices you probably never knew existed.


Email. We got yer email. You like email? You came to the right place.

Washington Apple Pi operates its own email service. Things it doesn't have: 1) additional costs; 2) ties to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), 3) advertising.

Visit this link and tell 'em Emil sent you.

Tech Support

Throughout the month there are ample opportunities to obtain assistance with specific software or hardware issues. Clubhouse Saturday is held two to three times per month in our Bethesda classroom space. Want a tutorial about how to set up your email, or advice about how to get 1Password or Dashlane working on your Mac and mobile devices, or other such help in an informal session? Come on in.

Tutorial Help

Problems need solutions! The Pi has several means to expand your knowledge about using your Mac. Get your questions answered or get instruction on a wide variety of topics at one of our monthly meetings, at a Clubhouse tech support session or in an exclusive iChat session. Face-to-face interaction is key and we have knowledgeable volunteers willing to help.

Questions and Answers

The Pi has at your disposal several great venues for getting answers to your questions. There are Q&A sessions at the beginning of each monthly meeting, a very active members' discussion forum (TCS Forums), the Clubhouse Saturday events, and other club activities. Whether in a direct verbal reply or in a text message, Pi volunteers strive to provide timely, thorough answers or, at least, to direct you to someone who can.

Monthly Meetings

Informal gatherings are held on the fourth Saturday of (most) months. The accommodations are comfortable and the presentations timely and informative. Attendees arrive with many questions, but when the meeting is over, they leave with answers and with fresh enthusiasm to use what they just learned.

Bytes of Pi newsletter

Every issue of our downloadable Bytes of Pi Newsletters, also available at the Newsletter tab of our Member Services page, has Club News with clickable links, how-to articles and a wonderful comic by our own professional graphic artist Richard Orlin. A great and fun way to keep up with the Pi!

Afternoon Learners SIG

For members with flexible schedules, come to our Afternoon Learner's monthly session on the second Thursday of the month, also in our Bethesda classroom space. These are great meetings that keep up with latest developments or emphasize helpful topics, like recent sessions about using Screen Recording in iOS and adding modules to Control Panel for one touch access.

Special Interest Topics

Our club affords ample opportunities to learn more about specific aspects of using a Mac or other Apple device. Whether your passion is photos, movies, programming, mobile devices or other topics, you can satisfy it by forming a Special Interest Group. Just a few members who share a particulate interest can easily meet and endlessly explore their topic together. As a bonus, the Pi Clubhouse is waiting to host your group.

Social Networking

One of the basic tenets of our club is that we are a social organization. It follows that we should actively use every available means to keep the group informed and involved. To ensure we are out there, the Pi has active pages on the following websites: Facebook, Twitter and Meet Up. These sites allow members and others to keep up with the most current Pi buzz. You can sign on to our networking sites via the Pi's website.

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping hands are needed and welcomed! A volunteer organization's success and longevity is directly related to the number and quality of its members who come forward to direct and assist. The Pi has many important programs with a need for volunteer effort to ensure that they flourish and endure. Members helping members is our mantra. Will you join the effort?