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Letters from Camp

Dear Laura Lee,

Camp is great! There are eight of us, more or less, as well as our fearless leader, Pat Fauquet. We are graphic artists, retired professionals, and doting grandparents. Some are experienced photographers and some of us are at square one, but enthusiasts all. Everyone showed up with a camcorder or a digital camera and we've been comparing notes on equipment and know-how.

On day one, Pat brought a large collection of books that she found at MacWorld in New York and we discussed the current and up-coming technology in equipment and software. We talked about camera care and camera gadgets and tripods and memory cards.

On day two we started out to create slide shows from photographs that all of us have. First we used i-photo, adding music from i-tunes. We learned how to look for tunes on the web and paste them into our slide shows. Questions were flying around the room and Pat gallantly multiprocessed them all. So far we are using i-movie, i-photo, i-tunes, Graphic Converter, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.

Sooner or later someone says, "Is anyone hungry?" and we take five minutes to order sandwiches from Armand's. Only three days left! Tomorrow we learn about videos.

I'll write again soon.

Love, Gene


Dear Laura-Leigh,

Send money - please! I can't live without an i-mac with superdrive so that I can burn dvds. I'll need a dvd player at home, just to be up-to-date. And now that I see what everyone is doing with a camcorder, I know I'll have to have one of those. With all of these grandchildren, I can take movies and edit them to be short and interesting, and burn them on dvds, and send them around for all to see.

Right now, I'm still making a slide show. Pat keeps giving us tips on how to get more from the applications. Today we learned about Apple's legal stash of music for all of us to use - 1.3 gigabytes.


Today we are cleaning up our slide shows and adding music to them. Pat is transferring pictures from all of our computers to one file on hers so that we can each take home a CD of camp pictures.

Yesterday Grant Peacock came with so much lighting equipment that we had to clear out the lunch room in order for him to set it up. We learned heaps about lighting and about how to plan a video story.

One of the best things about camp has been picking the brains of the others in the class.

Must go. Time to order lunch!

Love, Gene

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