Washington Apple Pi

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December 2021

Virtual Pi party

December 18, 2021 09:30 a.m Eastern Time

Note: this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.

A special Holiday Zoom session of club members to learn how to install and use "Wonder 2.0" to attend the actual Holiday Party.

What is Wonder? Take a look around:


(but do note the security warnings)

Yes, this is a Zoom meeting that will cover how to set up and use a different virtual meeting technology to hold a virtual party.

The Zoom meeting invitation will be posted on the Pi's conferencing system, the TCS, and sent out to members via Email. Please check your Zoom profile online to be sure it contains your full name, because for security reasons, we can't let anyone in without their full name.

Pro tip: if you use the Zoom app (instead of a web browser), check in advance that you have version 5.8.6 or better.

You can also watch the presentation without touching Zoom via www.wap.org/live.

We'll start with a Q&A, so please send us any questions for us to queue up for the panel.

Please remember to use theĀ Attendance Check-in link, https://wap.org/attend