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Washington Apple Pi Elections 2000

Washington Apple Pi held elections in May 2000 for all Officer and Board of Director positions.

On a glorious holiday weekend, John Barnes (Election Committee Chair, right), Steve Fink (in red) and Alden Bestul counted the ballots for the Washington Apple Pi 2000-2001 Board of Directors. Here they are seen slitting open stacks of ballots. The extravagant mess at the far end of the table has nothing to do with the election process; all counting is done by hand. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Prior to this stage, committee members searched the Pi offices for sharp objects -- mainly knives and scissors -- which caused some alarm since they failed to explain why they wanted the sharp objects. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

All Pi members, and candidates for office in particular, should be familiar with the By-Laws governing the operation of the corporation. A copy of the By-Laws, in Adobe Acrobat format, is available on the Web site.

Washington Apple Pi elections are governed by three documents: the By-Laws, mentioned above, a set of election rules (as set forth by the Board of Directors), and a "to do" list, specifying deadlines for certain actions and activities. These, too, are in Adobe Acrobat format.

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Revised June 16, 2000 Lawrence I. Charters