Washington Apple Pi

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Washington Apple Pi Elections 2007

At the June 11, 2007, Board of Directors meeting, the 2006-2007 Board certified the results of the May election and adjourned. The 2007-2008 Board then convened and elected officers:

Fiscal Year 2008 Officers (term expiration date)

President, Bob Jarecke (2007-08; director term ends 2010)
Secretary, Gordon Nord (2007-08; director term ends 2009)
Treasurer, Gabriel Roth (2007-2008)
Vice President Publicity, Tom Carlson (2007-08; director term ends 2009)
Vice President Programs, Pat Fauquet (2007-2008)
Vice President Volunteers, Jonathan Bernstein (2007-08; director term ends 2009)
Vice President Membership, Mike Schneible (2007-08; director term ends 2010)

Directors (term expiration date)

Director, Richard Allen (2010)
Director, Bill Bailey (2010)
Director, Charles Reintzel (2010)
Director, Steve Lipson (2009)
Director, Hal Cauthen (2009)
Director, Brent Malcolm (2008)
Director, Travis Good (2008)
Director, Len Adler (2008)

These folks have accepted the challenge of leading the Pi over the next year and they can use your support and encouragement. If you have some time and want to see the Pi’s future, come to a Board meeting. Just check the Pi Web site calendar for the meeting particulars. See you there!