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WAP Expo 2005 - Under Construction

Washington Apple Pi has decided to postpone the proposed WAP Expo 2004. Originally scheduled to take place in June 2004, the Expo has been put off until some time in 2005, most likely in the spring or early summer. (Note the revised display ad elsewhere in this Journal.) There were simply too many things to do in the short time left this year, and not enough resources (mostly people) to do them. By changing the schedule, the Pi plans to:

  1. More carefully define the event, and make it a mainstream Pi activity;
  2. Ask Pi members, and potential attendees, what they want to see. Do they want a swap meet, a flea market, a trade show, or some mixture of the three?
  3. Spend more time developing training and entertainment tracks for the Expo;
  4. Find a nice venue for the event that "looks like a million bucks” but doesn’t have a price tag to match;
  5. Spend more time on contacting sponsors and exhibitors to the event;
  6. Give some thought to how the Pi wants to promote the event to potential attendees. Do we focus just on the latest cutting-edge hardware and software, or do we also offer attractions for the pre-Mac OS X users?
  7. Spend some time asking other Mac user groups in the region if they’d like to come and play.

If you’d like to help define and build the Expo, please consider volunteering now. There is much work to be done ­ contacting vendors, creating graphic designs and advertisement, recruiting volunteers for the show, arranging for facilities, arranging for training sessions and “entertainment” sessions (or running such sessions) ­ and the work needs to start now. You can showcase your talents and skills, meet terrific people, and have amazing amounts of fun.

Contact the Pi Vice President for Programs at vpprograms@wap.org to get involved, or join the discussions about the Expo on the Pi’s computer forums on http://tcs.wap.org/