Washington Apple Pi

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Garage Sale 2003

The Ten Best Things About the Washington Apple Pi Computer Show and Sale

10) There are more computer geeks per square inch than at those other computer shows.

9) Nowhere else will you find 50 copies of the same game running on Mac SEs.

8) You can actually talk to folks who have been to every sale since Day 1 and have an original Apple II to prove it.

7) The hot dogs are all beef.

6) You might get your picture in the Washington Apple Pi Journal with a pithy comment underneath talking about Macs and hot dogs.

5) Nowhere else will you find people talking about CP/M, DOS 3.3, ProDos, SOS, Mac OS 1-9, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and Spanish all in the same room.

4) You can buy the club's new Mac OS X CD!

3) No Star Wars or Star Trek uniforms. (Not usually, at least.)

2) Get great selection at the beginning, great bargains at the end.

1) Meet lots of great folks who really love their Macs!

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