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J.D. on

Mac OS X 10.2

Take a darken theater, with walls painted black, and a black-draped stage. Add a figure dressed (usually) in black, early on a sleepy Saturday morning. Mix them all together and you would expect to have a crowd lulled into slumber by the early hour and dim light. But for several years now, Apple Senior Engineer J.D. Mankovsky has managed to keep many a Washington Apple Pi General Meeting crowd wide awake with his entertaining, enthusiastic, and informative presentations on Apple hardware and software. The July 2002 General Meeting was no exception: dim lights, dark theater, early hour, and vintage J.D. style and substance. J.D.'s singular success may be a Washington Apple Pi loss: due to recent promotions, he may not be visiting much in the future, and we'll miss his French-accented look at Cupertino technology. (Very dim photos by Lawrence I. Charters)