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July 2022

Online Safety: Not only for Seniors!

July 23, 2022, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm.

Note: this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.

The Internet has vastly expanded our ability to explore the world, shop, file taxes, check our medical records, and many other things, all from the safety of our desktop computer, or tablet, or phone. But it has also exposed everyone to a vast array of insidious scammers.

Uwe Dotzauer will talk to you about "Online Safety: Not only for Seniors! How to conquer the "BIG CON! " He will discuss scams, malware and spam. Also, hot do we not fall for it? How can we make the computer more secure?

Uwe Dotzauer is a Network Engineer and Computer Consultant with over 20 years of experience. Uwe specializes in Apple Macintosh Technology since 1998. He enjoys educating users about the daily challenges in the "Cyber World" around us. He graduated from George Mason University with a Masters in Telecommunication and Network Forensics. Mr. Dotzauer enjoys volunteering for the Smithsonian National Zoo Elephant Family.

The Zoom meeting invitation will be posted on the Pi's conferencing system, the TCS, and sent out to members via Email. Please check your Zoom profile online to be sure it contains your full name, because for security reasons, we can't let anyone in without their full name.

Important: If you use the Zoom app (instead of a web browser), check in advance that you have version 5.10.7 or better.

We'll start with a Q&A, so please send us any questions for us to queue up for the panel.

Please remember to use theĀ Attendance Check-in link, https://wap.org/attend