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March 2021

Where virtual CES 2021 pointed us

March 27, 2021, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm. ET

Note: this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.

Bylaws changes

The meeting will begin with a presentation on proposed Washington Apple Pi Bylaws changes, and a vote on adopting the changes. You can read the proposed Bylaws changes on this page.

A virtual CES

While Apple has not paid that much attention to the CES (originally the Consumer Electronics Show), attending in 2020 for the first time since 1992, the CES has been a powerhouse for showing off new consumer electronics, from Internet-connected refrigerators to "intelligent" toys to robotic lawnmowers to smart watches and microcomputers. Originally held in New York, it was held semi-annually in Las Vegas and Chicago, before becoming a massive one-a-year event in the 1990s. Just setting up and then taking down the show took more than two weeks.

Then in 2020, COVID-19 struck shortly after the show closed, and in 2021, CES went virtual. The Pi has invited Gary Arlen to discuss this possibly momentous change.

As we continue to digest the trends on display at the virtual CES 2021, we're seeing where the digital industries are heading this year. The online convention – a substitute for the annual electronics extravaganza historically held in Las Vegas – became a month-long video production of virtual booth visits and conference sessions. Gary's presentation looks at the array of technologies that have become CES mainstay, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, resilience and digital health; he will also evaluate how global vendors at CES showed their wares – such as autonomous vehicles, drones and ultra high-definition video – within the constraints of streaming media.

Gary Arlen, president of Arlen Communications LLC, a Bethesda consulting and analysis firm, has attended CES for more than 35 years – back when it was called the Consumer Electronics Show, before it expanded its technology range. Gary has managed on-site programs for CES in recent years. He brings an insider's viewpoint to his report, providing insights about the technology as well as the marketing and public policy aspects of the gizmos and applications that are at the heart of CES. In addition to publishing newsletters and industry reports about new media and telecom technology, Arlen Communications has provided competitive analysis and marketing consulting for start-ups and global giants. www. Arlencom.com

Click on the image for a ginormous, easy to read version.

Click on the image for a ginormous, easy to read version.

The meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. Our guest speaker will start his presentation about 11:00 a.m. During Q&A periods, please locate the "Raise Hand" in the Reactions option to get the attention of the host and/or post your question in the Chat window. A true "learning" experience.

We also encourage you to send your question(s) prior to the meeting to: office@wap.org

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Please check your Zoom profile online to be sure it contains your full name, because for security reasons, we cannot let anyone in without their full name. Important! If you've downloaded Zoom in the past, please check to see that it is version 5.5 or greater before the meeting.

We will try to stream the meeting through the Pi website: https://www.wap.org/live/

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