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Pictures of MacWorld New York 1999

Text and photos by Tom Witte

(Click on image for enlargement)

Dana Schwartz, Pi founding member number 7?, found wandering the show.

The crowd waiting for Apple's User Group Breakfast.

The breakfast.

Note: Pi Super PR agent David Ottalini (facing camera).


A look at the crowd in the ice box room. To make sure the ice did not melt in our water glasses the room was keep at less than 1/2 the 100 degree temperature it was out side.

Diane Cohn, our new Apple User Group Liaison official.

Carmela Zamora, a former Apple User Group rep.

A view from the stage from my primo seat.

My favorite picture. In the close front you can see the press kneeling before Jobs.

Jobs 'look a like' on stage.

The real thing. Note the reality blur about Jobs.

To the left of the white apple you can see iBook product manager jumping to stage, clutching an iBook to his chest (protecting it like his future depended on it surviving).

[This was actually Apple Vice President for Marketing Philip Schiller. He told the crowd that leaping 30 feet to the Convention floor should put him in the "product demo Hall of Fame." The iBook was running the entire time, transmitting via wireless networking output from an accelerometer. The output was graphed and projected live on stage, and zoomed off the scale when Phil landed.]

A Pi team test of new iBook. Not only did wireless feature work but we were able to log on to www.wap.org. (I wonder if our sharp web master will be able to scarf the iBook's IP address from the log)

[Of course. -- webmaster]

A close up.

(I fear this is not as clear as it could be. I was using new glasses and could not check focus.)

Check out of battery. It is like a fat ruler. While I tried to fully dissemble the iBook the Apple rep was not only reluctant to let me, but he was within shouting range of security.

The Apple booth area in show. The masses of people are blocking shot of iBooks.

This is day 2 - the Adobe breakfast. Note ice crust forming on water pitcher. If anyone goes next year bring parka.

Rye Livingston, the Adobe User Group rep.

A few from WAP at Expo in the UGWUMP{ (User Group meeting room)

The Pi bus crowd waiting for bus in front of convention center. Also, this is where I learned NYC drivers do not stop for people who stand in street taking pictures.

Another picture from a safer place - across the street.

Another look at Pi bus team waiting for bus.

People boarding the Pi bus.

The bus crowd. Ready to leave.

Breakfast day 3 - Symantec promotes their tools. This picture is blurry from frost on camera lens.


More show floor shots.

Emily, helping me get a show price to upgrade from version 1.x

More show floor shots.

More show floor shots.

More show floor shots.

The Microsoft ticket to Mac hardware domination. (listen to 5 minute promo and you have a 50% chance to win a joystick).

They were giving away two a minute. (Imitate, dominate, eliminate in action)


By Thursday, iBook posters made public spots around the city. (see under Park sign)

It turned out leaving NYC was harder than Team Pi had expected. Luckily, under one of the big buildings, some Team WAP members found a car we could use (i.e. unlocked with key in ignition), while our fearless leader continued the fight against the madness that can be NYC.

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