Washington Apple Pi

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November 2022

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality Tech and Metaverse Spaces

November 19, 2022, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm.

This will be an In Person (!) and virtual meeting via Zoom

Planetary Hall, Room 129, Classroom (BC), at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and Via Zoom

In the - in hindsight - heady pre-pandemic days of Thanksgiving Season of 2019, Pi members got a first taste of Jim McLean's XR lab at George Mason University. This was one of most illuminating and fun Pi General Meetings ever. We are at last going to reprise this meeting on Saturday three years later with a hybrid Pi General Meeting, that will be live for in person attendees at GMU, and via Zoom for remote attendees.

We will start in a GMU classroom that Pi Board Member and Emeritus Professor Larry Kerschberg procured for us, and include the Zoom audience. McLean has a presentation that I'm sure will be lively and fun.

We hope to have a coffee break for the in person attendees.

After the classroom present, McLean will welcome us to his Lab close by for the demo portion of the meeting, We will try in some fashion to include the Zoom audience for that part of the meeting.

To attend in person: The classroom where we'll start is Planetary Hall, Room 129, Classroom (BC).

Park in the Shenandoah Parking Lot on Sandy Creek Road - we'll have parking passes for everyone. From there Planetary Hall is close by just past Enterprise Hall. Here's a walking map:

For the demos, we'll move to Jim McClean's Lab in the Johnson Center that's

We'll invite the recent GMU Pi Scholarship students - to add to the fun.

Masks are optional though recommended to come to the Saturday meeting at Mason.
Here's the GMU health page with more info:


If you attend in person, you can bring home for free one or two of our newest Pi coasters!

In addition to the traditional Pi General Meeting door prize, Pi President Roy Wagner intends to add additional door prizes for the in person attendees.

We'll also try to stream the meeting to our YouTube page here:


This link can be freely shared.

The Zoom meeting invitation will be posted on the Pi's conferencing system, the TCS, and sent out to members via Email. Please check your Zoom profile online to be sure it contains your full name, because for security reasons, we can't let anyone in without their full name.

Important! if you use the Zoom app (instead of a web browser), check in advance that you have version 5.12.8 or better. There are significant security issues with older versions.

We'll start with a Q&A, so please send us any questions for us to queue up for the panel.

Please complete our Pi attend form on Saturday - we'll do a drawing from the remote attendees on that form. Plus, per above, there will be other prizes for the in-person attendees. Attendance Check-in link, https://wap.org/attend