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Washington Apple Pi Photo Contest 2015

Photo Contest Winners

Novice Traditional (21 entries, 6 awards):

First Place: Ann Zabaldo - St. Mark’s Sq. The Venetian, Las Vegas
Second Place: Wayne Richey - Unnamed image of a window with reflections
Third Place: Ronnald Shansby - Moth Still Life
Honorable Mentions:
Paul Silverman - Not Just Any Mountain
Charles Stancil - Texture-2
Cheryl Lavoie - After the Rain Storm

Novice Unrestricted (5 entries, 2 awards):

First Place: Diana King - August at the beach
Second Place: Jon Bernstein - London concert venue, Glazed

Advanced Traditional (4 entries, 1 award):

First Place - Larry Kerschberg - Field of Daisies

Advanced Unrestricted (0 entries, 0 awards)

Washington Apple Pi has once more embarked upon an epic journey of discovery with its fourth digital photo contest. The rules: