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Twenty Years of Pi: The Movie

Visitors. Awards. Big Boxes. Cake. Crowds. Bargains. Births.

Through a Wire, Slowly

Tom Witte, long-time Washington Apple Pi member of the Board of Directors, set up a stand at the 20th Anniversary meeting as well as the December 1998 Garage Sale to capture people's comments on the Pi's birthday. This four-minute video clip (done as a sort of "slow scan TV" at one frame per second) is from the anniversary meeting in November; Tom is still working on the rest of the material. The clip requires QuickTime 3.0. A full-speed version of the clip, at 17 megabytes, is on the Pi Fillings 4.5 CD-ROM.

Logo by Dave Ottalini

20th anniversary logo

Requires QuickTime 3.0; 2 megabytes in size (four minutes)

Photos of the meeting and The Box.

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