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August 2006 Graphic Arts SIG: Digital Photography Fundamentals

By Hal Cauthen

Digital Photography Fundamentals (presentation, PDF, 776K)

Today the Graphic Arts SIG was treated to the first in a series of presentations on digital photography. Michael Giagola walked us through a Power Point Presentation entitled Digital Photography Fundamentals. Although Michael is not a professional photographer he is a drop-dead-serious amateur and was willing to discuss with us the parallels of film photography and digital photography as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

His emphasis in this general presentation was that we need to know the full capabilities of our camera and use all its settings to our advantage so that we might take the best possible pictures. He strongly cautioned us not to factor in digital editing software as a “fix” for poor photos (i.e. Photoshop) but rather to strive to take good photos from the beginning.

Next month on September 9, 2006 Michael will give the criteria one might use to select a digital camera.