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Washington Apple Pi Journal Advertising Rates

Washington Apple Pi Journal is published bi-monthly. The number of pages is variable, ranging from 16 to 32, not including the cover. It is mailed to approximately 1500 subscribers. Particulars on ad specifications and pricing can be obtained by addressing an e-mail to the Washington Apple Pi office: office@wap.org.


Full page 7.5" x 10.0"

Half page 7.5" x 4.75"

Two-thirds page (vertical) 5" x 9.5

Third of a page (vertical) 2.5 x9.5 (horizontal) 5.0 x 4.75

Sixth page (vertical) 2.5" x 4.75" (horizontal) 5.0" x 2.5


Full page 1 run $450 2-3 runs $383 4-5 runs $338 6+ runs $270

Covers 1 run $550 2-3 runs $468 4-5 runs $413 6+ runs $330

Two-thirds 1 run $360 2-3 runs $306 4-5 runs $270 6+ runs $216

Half page 1 run $300 2-3 runs $255 4-5 runs $270 6+ runs $180

Third page 1 run $225 2-3 runs $191 4-5 runs $169 6+ runs $135

Sixth page 1 run $125 2-3 runs $106 4-5 runs $93 6+ runs $75


January/February Journal Ad Space Reservations November 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy November 25th.

March/April Journal Ad Space Reservations January 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy January 25th.

May/June Journal Ad Space Reservations March 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy March 25th.

July/August Journal Ad Space Reservations May 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy May 25th.

September/October Journal Ad Space Reservations July 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy July 25th.

November/December Journal Ad Space Reservations September 20th, Camera Ready Ad Copy September 25th.

Advertising Policies

  1. A Signed Advertising Agreement is required to earn multiple-insertion rates.
  2. Contract-rate advertising will be run in consecutive issues unless otherwise prearranged, in writing, in advance.
  3. Contract rate reverts to single-insertion-rate if payment is overdue more than 60 days.
  4. Terms are 30 days after approval of credit application. All past due amounts are subject to a 2% per month charge (24% per annum) plus all cost of collection including attorneys fees if incurred. Payment must be submitted with ad copy until credit application is approved.
  5. Ads will not be accepted if payment is overdue more than 60 days.
  6. Advertisers who fail to fulfil frequency contracts will incur a short rate.
  7. Insertions must be completed within a twelve month period from the date of first insertion.
  8. Advertisers are rate protected for the duration of their contracts (maximum length of twelve months).
  9. Previous ads will be repeated if new artwork is not received by the ad copy deadline.
  10. The word "advertisement" will be placed with copy which in editor's opinion resembles editorial matter.
  11. Listings in the advertisers' index are at the pleasure of the editor.
  12. Editor reserves the right to determine ad placement.
  13. Conditions in conflict with advertising policies contained herein will not be honored.
  14. Advertising copy is subject to the editors' approval.
  15. Advertisers assume all liability for content of ads and assume full responsibility for any claims made against the publisher.
  16. Ad space reservation deadline is the 25th of each month.
  17. Ad copy deadline is the 1st of each month.


  1. Special position requests (excludes cover positions): 10% surcharge. Position request must be identical for entire run of contracts. Ad copy may change. Surcharge refunded if request cannot be met.
  2. If ads are submitted in the wrong format or wrong size: $50.00 per hour for staff time plus printer's extra handling charges.


  1. Early payment: 5% if payment accompanies ad- copy deadline and meets ad-copy deadline
  2. Member: 15% for WAP members, their companies and corporate WAP members. Discount applies only to companies under $1,000,000 annual gross revenue. Does not apply to commissionable ads.
  3. Discounts are cumulative.


  1. 15% to bona fide advertising agencies.
  2. Member discount does not apply to commissionable ads.

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