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Report on Another Hard Disk Repair Utility

edited by Richard “Dick” Rucker

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The following is a follow-up posting that appeared in this location on the Pi’s forums, http://tcs.wap.org/:Menu >> Computing >> Repair & Maintenance >> HD Repair Advice - Part 2

HD Repair Advice - Part 2 #1075
FROM: Richard Rucker
TO: All Tuesday, Jun 08, 2004
Last November, message #505 that started a thread entitled “HD repair advice,” began this way:

TidBITS#707 dated 24-Nov-03 has an informative review of the latest versions of five hard disk repair utilities for Mac OS X. The author is David Shayer who "was a senior engineer on Norton Utilities for Macintosh 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0. Before that he worked on Public Utilities, a disk repair program that won the MacUser Magazine Editor's Choice Award, and on Sedit, a low-level disk editor." I quote all that because the guy writes like he knows from experience.
In the article, he compared the capabilities of various disk repair programs to repair various hard disk problems that he managed, with the use of special tools, to inflict upon a real hard disk. Those programs were:
Norton Utilities 8.0
DiskWarrior 3.0
Drive 10 v1.1.4 from Micromat
Disk Guardian 2.2
Apple's Disk Utility

In yesterday's TidBITS#732 dated 07-Jun-04, David Shayer follows up with a review of TechTool 4 from Micromat and ranks it in with all the rest. It can be found here:

A brief synopsis follows: The things he tested each candidate for were its ability to detect and correct:

In the TidBITS article, David explains how each of these utilities did in each test. But the bottom line per David is:

"I stick with my earlier recommendation for dealing with damaged disks. Try Apple's Disk Utility first -- since it is free and isn't likely to create any additional problems -- and if Disk Utility fails, hand the damage over to Disk Warrior, which has the best chance of fixing whatever ails your hard disk. And please, keep good backups!"