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MacWorld New York 2000: Signs

© 2000 Lawrence I. Charters

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On the way to the exhibit entrance, MacWorld visitors were confronted by a wide variety of huge signs, including several new "Think different" posters. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Covering much of the front of the Javits Center, this enormous poster features the new PowerMac G4 Cube, its companion speakers, keyboard and mouse, and Apple's Cinema display. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

This huge iMac billboard appeared on Seventh Avenue near Madison Square Garden. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

This sign shows off Microsoft's new corporate image for Office:mac 2001. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

Above, Below: Apple must pay extra for an army of billboard installers: these billboards, located at commuter parking lots, were not present the morning of Job's keynote speech, but were in place that afternoon. Those looking to scoop next year's keynote speech should make friends with billboard installers in New York City. (Photos by Lawrence I. Charters)

The entrance to Apple's section of the exhibit hall featured this giant G4 Cube. It would take roughly 2,000 actual G4 Cubes to cover the same area. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)