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Son of Killer Ads

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Originally published November 1997

Sent in by visitors. For other variations on this theme, take a look at:

Original Killer Ads (from Grant Barrett)

New Pi creations (still no math required)

Original Pi creations (no math required)

Patience, grasshopper: images loading!

From Bruce O'Leary boleary@advantage-schools.com. Bruce even supplied the images.

Animate men leaping

Your mother wears army boots

New Apple Macintosh

More powerful than a locomotive

From Brian Ferguson:

We don't do Windows

Fight world domination

Brian wrote about the following: "This isn't a very good ad, but it is pretty funny. Maybe you can include it to humor the weary Mac Crusaders."

Apple wrote the book

From Thomas G. Sherman" shermant@medlib.georgetown.edu.

Friends don't let friends use Windows

From "jake" jake@originalchoice.prestel.co.uk.

Run thousands of killer apps

"Jake" adds this note about the following: "If you've every placed much advertising you will understand this one, my latest proof came back today not as I ordered. I doubt it would ever make it in to print media or that Apple would ever use anything like it but it could be good on the web. A good advert to target at small business people."

Using Macs must be really easy

From Enrique Garcia egarcia@tricom.net.

Macintosh a better PC

Macintosh because it's not PC

Macintosh because you have work to do

Macintosh because you're not corporate America

Macintosh because I ride a Harley