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February 2008 Retired SIG: Let's Make a Movie

The February meeting concentrated on movie making. Member Donald Fortnum used a low-coast digital still camera, the discontinued Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital Elph, to take this digital still photo of the meeting (click on the photo for a full-size original):

Retired SIG February 2008 meeting

But he also used this same digital still camera to take a number of video clips at the meeting. The unedited clips are a nice demonstration of the sound and video quality that you can get from a digital still camera. Listed next to the clip is the size of the original file, in AVI format, before being converted to QuickTime .mov format and desktop MPEG-4 format.

retsig2008023898.AVI (25.8 MB), retsig2008023898.MOV (12 MB), retsig2008023898desk.m4v (2.3 MB)
retsig2008023899.AVI (4.8 MB), retsig2008023899.MOV (2 MB), retsig2008023899desk.m4v (404K)
retsig2008023900.AVI (14 MB), retsig2008023900.MOV (6.1 MB), retsig2008023900desk.m4v (1.1 MB)
retsig2008023901.AVI (15.2 MB), retsig2008023901.MOV (6.6 MB), retsig2008023901desk.m4v (1.3 MB)
retsig2008023902.AVI (15.7 MB), retsig2008023902.MOV (7.1 MB), retsig2008023902desk.m4v (1.3 MB)
retsig2008023903.AVI (83.5 MB), retsig2008023903.MOV (40.4 MB), retsig2008023903desk.m4v (7.7 MB)
retsig2008023904.AVI (20.9 MB), retsig2008023904.MOV (9 MB), retsig2008023904desk.m4v (1.7 MB)
retsig2008023905.AVI (49.4 MB), retsig2008023905.MOV (24.3 MB), retsig2008023905desk.m4v (4.6 MB)
retsig2008023906.AVI (61.1 MB), retsig2008023906.MOV (26.4 MB), retsig2008023906desk.m4v (5.1 MB)
retsig2008023907.AVI (21.1 MB), retsig2008023907.MOV (8.9 MB), retsig2008023907desk.m4v (1.7 MB)
retsig2008023908.AVI (237.2 MB), retsig2008023908.MOV (117.5 MB), retsig2008023908desk.m4v (22.4 MB)
retsig2008023909.AVI (86.5 MB), retsig2008023909.MOV (37.4 MB), retsig2008023909desk.m4v (7.1 MB)
retsig2008023911.AVI (23 MB), retsig2008023911.MOV (10 MB), retsig2008023911desk.m4v (1.9 MB)
retsig2008023912.AVI (48.5 MB), retsig2008023912.MOV (23.7 MB), retsig2008023912desk.m4v (4.3 MB)