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February 2006 Retired SIG: Getting Organized and iChat Video

The Retired SIG sprung back to life on Thursday, February 23. We were enlightened about the use of Appleā€™s iSight camera in conjunction with the iChat application. Len Adler and Bob Jarecke hosted the event at the Pi Clubhouse in Rockville.

Our demonstration of the Firewire iSight camera was not without some technical problems, since both users were using the same high-speed connection to the Internet. The attendees, eleven in number, did get to see how it works, and once we switched to the closed Bonjour network, the performance improved dramatically. Many of us were curious about the use of iSight and how it can be used to have more frequent visits with children and grandkids. The moderators provided several real life stories on the use of iSight cameras. Compatibility with PC systems and cameras was also addressed with Bob telling of how his daughter-in-law connects with her family in France.

The question of the name of the Special Interest Group was raised and although the Retired SIG may not be the best name, until a better one is suggested, it will continue as is. Essentially, this group consists of users who are available and would like to share how their computers are used. Those who attended signed a list so that they will be able to network.