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April 2006 Retired SIG: E-mail Clients

The Retired SIG met on the fourth Thursday of April at 1:00 PM at the Pi Office. Eleven Pi members came together to learn about and discuss eMail Clents. Bob lead the group and provided a one page handout with a few key definitions and a link to a MacNotables podcast on the same subject. Bob discussed the definitions and gave an abbreviated review of the MacNotables podcast.

There were a lot of questions, as usual, as well as a good comparative discussion about Eudora versus Apple Mail. We really got into some good detail on these eMail Clients and with the aid of an overhead projector, Bob was able to provide "live" demonstrations of some of the issues being discusssed.

The SIG is still getting it's feet on the ground and the hosts are learning as they go. Overall the attendees have provided positive feedback with the informal presentations to date. We are looking forward to coverage of more topics of interest. Any ideas can be forwarded to Len or Bob at their email addresses as list below.