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May 2006 Retired SIG: Doing Taxes With Excel

On May 25, 2006, the Retired SIG met at the regular day, time and place – the fourth Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM at the Pi Office. The meeting's presenter was Allen Kent and he showed us his technique for calculating taxes on an Excel spreadsheet.

Allen has developed, and over many years refined, an Excel spreadsheet to accurately figure his Federal and State taxes. He tweaks it each year based on any changes handed down by the IRS and then inputs his financial data. This is sort of a scaled down version of what the commercial tax programs do.

Allen walked us through the spreadsheet’s inputs using some dummy data that he provided. Through handouts and the use of our classroom projector, we were able to follow along, step by step. He has spent quite a bit of time refining this method to insure there are no math errors. Allen then showed us how he inputs the results into online PDF forms provided by the IRS and then prints the forms out for mailing.

The agenda for the next meeting on Thursday, June 22 will be “All About iPods”.  Come join us and bring your questions.