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June 2006 Retired SIG: All Things iPod

Meeting Recap

The meeting began on time and we packed the meeting room with fourteen loyal SIG members. Bob Jarecke opened the event with showing three versions of iPods and discussing the differences in the five generations of this digital music player. Most of the attendees, who had an iPod, brought it with them. We were able to view the differences and some of the accessories and attachments that were also available. Those attendees that didn't have iPods watched with keen interest. The presentation about the iPod didn't go too long before its integration with the iTunes application had to be addressed and so we turned to the projector screen to look at the application in action.

As is usually the case, during the informal presentation several questions arose and Bob, and others, did their best to answer them. There was plenty of how to's provided as well regarding iTunes and its operation. We were hampered somewhat by a sketchy, slow Internet signal. (It turned out that a router needed resetting in the TCS room but unfortunately it wasn't discovered until the meeting was over). Nonetheless, we weathered through the problem and everyone came away a little more enlightened about how iPods and iTunes can make the Mac computing experience more fun.

As usual we had to cut the meeting off after one and a half hours. In the closing moments the subject of the next meetings topic arose and the first response was for something on Google Earth. So next time, we will discuss "All Things Google." The meeting will be at the regular date and time — fourth Thursday at 1:00pm.