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Retired SIG March 2007 Meeting: iMovie and iDVD

By Len Adler

Sixteen Pi members came to learn about Apple’s iMovie and iDVD applications. Paul Silverman showed his digital video camera a Panasonic PV-GS250, and then shared how he edits and puts a video together using iMovie. A monopod - just a single extendable pole with a bracket for mounting the camera - is a favorite tool for making stable video shots while avoiding a sore shoulder from carrying a heavier tool such as a tripod for long hours.

Granddaughter movie

Still from a movie by Don Fortnum.

While a good digital video camera, such as those using Mini DV tapes, records an hour of raw video footage, such cameras can also used for extracting a still print as well. His advice: carry a digital still camera as well if you want to be assured of high quality still pictures. Paul showed parts of his 90-minute DVD movie on Turkey, made in 2005, and wowed the audience with it. Paul stressed making movies for the future review of the present, though he has already preserved his old slides and movies on CDs and DVDs - something many present aspire to do. As raw digital video consumes about a gigabyte of drive space for five minutes of video, consider using external drives to store the finished product.

Using iMovie HD 6.0, Don Fortnum took us through making a short movie of his granddaughters at the Children’s Museum of Gettysburg. He also praised iMovie as having many easy to use elements. His four minute movie was a delight to watch. We were encouraged to get more familiar with iMovie, and from there to use iDVD to burn a more lasting record.

Movie about Turkey

Still from a movie by Paul Silverman.

Joe Gannon pointed out that a DVD burned on a personal computer may last no more than eight years because, unlike professional DVDs offered for sale, home-made DVD recording technology is dye-based and is not as stable.
When the lights came on and the time was up, many commented on what they had learned about using a Mac as their media hub. To Paul and Don, thanks again for sharing with us what you have learned.

Pi projector

The Pi’s new video projector illuminates the screen as (left to right) Paul Silverman, Marty Schwartz and Len Adler (partially hidden) listen to a discussion of iMovie and iDVD. Photo taken Bob Jarecke with a Nikon Coolshot 990 digital camera.