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 October 2012 Afternoon Learners SIG: Introduction to iCloud

By Neil Ferguson

We had a very good attendance, with 15 present, all primed to learn about iCloud. When asked which of us know about iCloud, you could have heard a pin drop.  None of us knew much about iCloud at all.  In fact, according to the list if applications of Interest to the Afternoon Learners’ SIG report that was filled out after the meeting, we still want to learn more about iCloud.  So far we haven’t found anyone that we know who can claim to be an expert on the subject. 

Many of us discussed what little we know about iCloud.  Many questions were asked and were answered by many members and the answers may not have been completely satisfying but a lot of discussion took place.

We will have iCloud on the agenda again in November because we still want to learn more about iCloud. It seems as though iCloud "just works," something like Time Machine, there is much that may not be immediately obvious.

There is also interest in what are often referred to as utility programs, chiefly third parties and not the utilities that are bundled with the Mac OS X operating system..

Time Machine may or may not be considered a utility program but it is a very handy utility to back up hard drives.  We did discuss Time Machine and several members would like to know more about Time Machine, a program that "just works" so we’ll be discussing Time Machine some more.