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February 2013 Afternoon Learners SIG: more on Google

In February we had we had 17 people attending the third Google meeting.  There were about four people that were not Apple Pi members and they were encouraged to join the Pi so they could continue attending these great learning opportunities.

Our meeting was on Google again.  We went into Google + and got stuck on Google Circles.  Many of us either made a Google Circle or got into a Google Circle.  From that point on most of us were confused as to how Google Circles worked.  We all learned a little bit but most of came away still confused as to what to do with Google Circles and how they worked.  For example, if we make a Pi Circle and we all get into the Pi Circle can then one of us, that is in the Pi Circle, later on at home put the Pi Circle, which he is in, into a larger circle (perhaps a public circles that he has) and expose the Pi Circle members to the larger circle?

We have had three meetings about Google and even though there are more things that Google has that we haven’t explored we need to take a break from Google and explore something else for a while.  Perhaps we will come back and visit Google at some later time.

Everyone stayed until the end so it must have been a good meeting.

Next month we will explore Time Machine.