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Your Government: Defense Readiness

Simply because of its size, few government agencies attract as much attention as the Department of Defense. Much of this attention is negative, with critics noting that the "round off error" (fractional amounts of a billion dollars) for many Defense programs could fully fund most non-Defense agencies. Another popular criticism is that the Defense Department, while courting an image of high technology, is actually mired in tradition, sticking with outdated weapons and tactics as long as lobbyists will ask for them and Congress members will buy them.

This recently refurbished battleship is a frequently cited example of Defense Department ills: in an age of nuclear power and missiles, what good is an old battleship? But battleship advocates will quickly point to the innovative, "Stealthy" use of wood, the zero-emissions propulsion system, and the vast capacity of the ship. Foreign battleships (such as the one seen at the right edge of the picture) have but a fraction of the capability of ours. "Do not make the error," they say, "of using their limitations to judge our strengths."


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Dwarfing all potential opponents, so far the great ship has bested all critics.