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MacWorld Expo New York

July 1998 saw something new: the East Coast edition of MacWorld Expo moved to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the island of Manhattan. The alleged inspiration for moving from Boston, the usual haunt, was an effort to "reach out" to the publishing and advertising industry concentrated in New York City. This effort seemed to meet with some success -- the average MacWorld attendee was at least better dressed than usual -- but the Expo organizers announced that next year the show will move back to Boston.

MacWorld Expo security personnel insisted that "your film will be seized" if pictures were taken inside the exhibit hall, so -- we didn't take pictures in there. But we did wonder what they'd do if you took pictures with a filmless digital camera.

iMac Bullet

Javits Before the Storm

Giant Glass Box

Inside the iMac Puzzle Box

Really Big iMac

Beige-Free Zone

It's A Mac Thing

Thinking iMac

Different Thoughts

 iMac Bullet

Coming soon: mini-tour of New York City

iMac Bullet

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Sleek Preview iMac poster
MacWorld was promoted at parking lots throughout the city through a series of signs such as this -- all with iMac themes. There were also posters inside some subway cars to attract local residents. Many tourists saw the signs and, even though they were in New York City for other reasons, dropped by the Expo to look around. (Photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

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