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Tuesday Night Clinic

Note: The Tuesday Night Clinic moved to Monday nights in September 2010, and is now known as the MacRecycleClinic.

Back in the dim past, Pi members started coming in on Tuesday nights to copy files from their Apple IIGS diskettes to their Mac diskettes, scan pictures of their pets, and tell tall tales about the great deals they got at the Pi's semi-annual Garage Sales. Gradually this evolved into a weekly clinic where members helped other members install memory, drives and other equipment, or configured software, or tracked down troublesome problems. Donations from those being assisted help the Pi cover the cost of electricity and maintenance, wear and tear on equipment, parts, and consumables. Thus was born the Tuesday Night Clinic.

Please note that, in every case, we have no idea what the people in the pictures are doing, so have engaged in wild speculation.

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Heroic Mac transfusion

Heroic Measures

Keeping a Macintosh computer system humming along at peak performance is usually no more difficult than turning it on. But every now and then problems arise, and the collective knowledge and experience of other user group members usually proves more than adequate.

Occasionally, however, even concentrated talent, energy and skill are not enough, and it is time for heroic measures: break out the tubing, don a cuff, and try a direct transfusion.

Photo Copyright 1997 Dave Ottalini

June 28, 1997 lic