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Phase II: The Satellite TCS

satellite TCS

During the remodeling the contents of the TCS were spread out over the rest of the Pi suite. Some of the equipment was reconnected to maintain a minimal Internet presence during the work. On the table in front (left to right) is a Macintosh IIfx running Tenon's MachTen (a UNIX variant, used for maintaining the Pi's Internet domain of wap.org), a Power Mac 7500 running StarNine's WebStar 2.0.1 (maintaining the Pi's web site, http://www.wap.org/), and a Power Mac 7100 running MkLinux (which wasn't doing anything in particular, but was being set up for future services). Hidden behind the 7100 is an Apple IIGS running an announcement to anyone dialing in, saying the TCS would be down "for the afternoon." Note the "Penguin Crossing" street sign in the upper left corner.

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Photo: Jon C. Thomason, QuickTake 150
January 29, 1997 lic