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Servers Snugly At Home

servers at home

Ah, home at last! Part of the TCS crew, and some of the equipment, returns to the remodeled quarters. On the top (left to right), some of the smaller members of the TCS crew struggle to get out of a cardboard box. Next, the Macintosh LC is used for indexing USENET messages for the TCS. On the right, the Macintosh SE/30 is the Pi's POP (Post Office Protocol) mail server, used for Internet mail. Between the LC and SE/30 is an air conditioner, a vital component in keeping everything from melting into a puddle. On the bottom shelf, to the left of the chair, is the Power Mac 7500 used as the Web server. In the center, sitting on its side, is the Quadra 700 AppleShare server, the "heart" of the TCS, holding all the bulletin boards and all the files from the file transfer areas.

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Photo: Jon C. Thomason, QuickTake 150
January 29, 1997 lic