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Washington Apple Pi Draft Year 2000 Policy

Washington Apple Pi firmly believes that the Year 2000 will arrive. Washington Apple Pi warrants that all of its corporate policies are Year 2000 compliant as they, too, assume the Year 2000 will arrive. As a non-profit corporation, Washington Apple Pi asserts that none of its policies or practices will prevent or retard the arrival of the Year 2000 since to do otherwise would be advocating a political or religious position that is incompatible with its non-profit status. And silly, too.

A thorough check of the Washington Apple Pi corporate headquarters reveals no known opposition to the Year 2000. The office furniture, file cabinets, trash cans, and various giant mounds of "stuff" seem not to care one way or the other, actually. There is an IBM Selectric typewriter that still seems to think it is 1970 or so, and the refrigerator almost always needs to be defrosted. But in general the office displays a genuine lack of interest in the date. You might even call it a chronic chronological apathy, but probably shouldn't.

As for our membership, they seem evenly split on the question: "When does the new millennium start?" Those with a scientific, mathematical or historical background favor January 1, 2001; others are adamant that it will "obviously" start on January 1, 2000. A consensus has formed around the idea of holding "End of the Millennium" parties on both December 31, 1999 and December 31, 2000.

Many Washington Apple Pi members have Pi Fillings CD-ROMs containing settings files allowing their Macintosh-based computers to connect to the Pi's ISP service, Explorer, or the Pi's electronic bulletin board, the TCS. Macintosh systems capable of reading these CD-ROMs should also be using the Mac's built-in date and time handling routines, and should not have any problem handling the Year 2000 or any other date prior to approximately 29,940 A.D. Members who are also current subscribers to either Explorer or the TCS in the year 29,940 A.D. can rest assured that Washington Apple Pi will provide a free update at that time.

Note: this is a draft policy. Washington Apple Pi expects to have a final policy on or before January 1, 29,940 A.D.

For more information on the Year 2000, please check our Y2K page.