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Washington Apple Pi Garage Sale June 2000


Washington Apple Pi's Summer Computer Sale and Show was, as always, a strange and wonderous event. If you missed it, click on any image below to get a (much) larger view of the odd, the unusual, the peculiar and the wonderful.

If you are brave, you can also check out our Pi UnsteadicamTM page, featuring two short and very different movies taken live at the show. Pi UnsteadicamTM, which has (literally) nothing in common with the more famous Steadicam, is a technology that must be seen to be appreciated. We expect you to quickly agree that "Pi UnsteadicamTM is unlike anything I'd like to try, personally."

The PDF (Acrobat) version of the poster was 50 times as popular as the GIF or JPG versions.

The PDF version of the discount coupon was also much more popular than the GIF or JPEG versions.

* Because of the caption, this will probably be the most closely examined picture in the group.

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