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In the Beginning: Installing Mac OS 8 (Page 3)

You should read this agreement so you can knowingly agree to its provisions. Click the Continue button and the Agree dialog box (Figure 7) opens for you to signal your agreement. When you do, you are then taken to the Easy Install selection window (Figure 8).

Figure 7. Agree dialog.

Figure 8. Easy Install window.

This shows a partial list of the Mac OS 8 components for you to select or deselect. The components not shown are considered the default core OS that are expected to be present, while items shown checked in the Easy Install window are recommended for inclusion but are optional for exclusion, and the unchecked items ore components that you may want to add to the installation.

Figure 9. Custom Install window.

If you click on the Customize button, you will open the Custom Install window (Figure 9) which contains the list of all the OS components available. You can use this to deselect one of the core components not visible in the Easy Install window, or to select just one or several items to be installed at a later time.

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