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In the Beginning: Installing Mac OS 8 (Page 4)

I mentioned above that the Install Mac OS application walked you through the various installations without you're being aware that a series of individual installers are actually being called to do the work. This is what does happen with an Easy Install. But when Custom Install is used, you will discover that each installer presents you with a license agreement to confirm. This to me is a glitch (Can you spell "bug"?) in the Install Mac OS application that I expect will be fixed the next time out.

Figure 10. Options dialog

You'll notice the Options button in the Easy/Custom Install windows. If you click it, it shows the dialog in Figure 10. At this time the only option is whether or not to update the hard disk drivers during the installation. By default, this option is ON, but there may be occasions where this task can be skipped by unckecking the option here and clicking OK.

Figure 11. Selecting installation items.

In Figure 11 I've shown the Easy Install window with Cyberdog added to the list of recommended items for installation. If you don't want Cyberdog, then you may not need OpenDoc either and you can uncheck that item. I had to do that (and some other tricky maneuvers) to cut back the system size to fit on a Zip disk.

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