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Your Government: Official Log Cabin

For the past 150 years or so, it has been an unspoken -- but rigid -- requirement that all Presidential candidates be born in a log cabin. Log cabins, however, have been something of a rarity this century, so this log cabin was erected by Congress to serve as the official "birthplace" of candidates for President.

This tradition was carefully honored until the election of President Clinton, who insisted he was born in a hospital. Despite the strong, and at times heated, arguments of leaders from both parties ("Look, how would you know, anyway? You only have your mother's word for that."), he refused to change his mind.

Probably as a result of this intransigence (no one will comment for the record), the log cabin was recently moved from its location near the Penny Monument to a lot behind the elephant pen at the National Zoo.

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Yes, it really is made of wood. Efforts to side it with aluminum or vinyl have failed every year in either the House or Senate.

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