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Stockholm: Stadshuset (City Hall)

Stockholm is justifiably proud of the Stadshuset (City Hall), a distinctive red brick building that dominates Kungsholmen (King's Island), one of the sixteen major islands that form the city of Stockholm. (Stockholm itself translates as "Tree Trunk Island.")

Completed in 1923, the building is massively constructed, designed for heavy use and low maintenance in Stockholm's harsh weather. Yet it is also designed to celebrate Stockholm and Sweden, starting with the three golden crowns at the top of the tower. The "three crowns" have been the symbol for Sweden for at least 700 years, though exactly what they represent is a matter of debate.

An extraordinary collection of Swedish artwork adorns the outside of the building and the grounds, covering everything from classic Swedish forms to very modern works.

What makes Stadshuset extraordinary, however, is the interior. There are two courtyards, one uncovered (shown here) and one covered. The interior courtyard is used every year in December for the Nobel Prize banquet. The meeting room used by the Stockholm council has a roof designed to look like an overturned Viking longboat; Viking chiefs held their meetings in the winter, and used their overturned craft as shelter.

Then there is the incredible Golden Hall: a huge room with walls entirely covered with handmade mosaics. Formed from gold foil pressed between two layers of glass, the Golden Hall is truly golden, and the warm glow makes the room intimate despite the vast size.


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