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European Tour 1997

With your trusty Internet-savvy computer, you can now easily reach out and tour the entire world from the comfort and security of a chair in home or office. (It is certainly more fun than working, or doing bills.) But the sad fact is that, in order for virtual tours to become a reality, someone must endure long trans-oceanic trips in cramped seats aboard crowded jets, dining on indifferently heated plastic-wrapped food substitutes, in order to provide the "tour" part of a virtual tour. So, in a heroic effort to bring European history and culture to Washington Apple Pi members, the Washington Apple Pi European Tour 1997 was conceived: an extended three-month sojurn to the Great Cities of the Old World.

But there were budget cutbacks, so you get this, instead.


Schiphol: Underwater Airport

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Street Scene

Amsterdam On The Water

Best Dutch Sign

Amsterdam Royal Palace


Stadshuset (City Hall)


View From the Center

Sunken and Soviet Warships

Walls of Klarakyrka

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Parliament and House of Nobles

Palace Views

Bands and Bayonets

Old Time Religion

Life in Old Town

Narrow Stone Paths


Vikings and Christians

Gripsholm Castle I

Gripsholm Castle II

Gripsholm Castle III

Gripsholm's Wolves

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Lion, symbol of royal power and authority, outside the Royal Palace in Old Town Stockholm. The building in the background is the Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace).

Photo (c) 1997 Lawrence I. Charters

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